Opening The Door

There is some great thing happening, and many people can feel it. Many artist and writer friends have taken a leap: Finished the book, quit the job, painted the picture, opened the heart. 

I'm talking to you, Wacky Mommy, Sharon, Kath, and goodness me, SO many others! I, too, have finally opened the door and let some of my magazine submissions out, and now the wait... many editors take a month to get back to you, so I'll keep writing and submitting, and hopefully learn as I go... and wait. We helped my cousin Charlotte completely remove her kitchen door recently, and she told me "That's it! An open door is what we all need!" And it made so much sense you wouldn't believe! 

Other great people have passed on. Gerald, thank you for the music. Allyson Hennesy, I cried when I heard you had lost your battle. Last night I drank a toast: I can call you Aunty now, HA! And I heard you, "You're making me feel OLD, young lady!" So many things have come to pass, ended and begun. 

There is something in the air, the universe is inhaling. Can you feel it? 


Kath McGurl said…
Well done and good luck with those submissions!
Wacky Mommy said…
xoxoxoxo and good luck with the submissions. Try, try again if they say no. And be prepared to bite your tongue when you see one of your brilliant ideas pop up in their mag months (or weeks) later, after they've told you no.

That has happened to me more than once, and makes me want to throw things. But I just smile ;) And then I send another submission that says, Say, I noticed you ran the article that I pitched... How about THIS ONE?
Unknown said…
That "fresh air" you're feeling? It's always been there. Waiting. For you.

Now, take a deep breath and jump in.
Oh, this is a great up-lifter. I feel it, too- in just the past couple weeks I feel like I am coming up on a horizon...

Best wishes to you!

If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear as it is - infinite!!
Islandgirl said…
It is an amazing time to be alive!

We just have to be sure that when the universe inhales we hang on to a nose hair for dear life! (Don't want to be sneezed back out!!!)

(that one was for Sam! :-) )