Fun With Adobe

Taking the Plunge!
I'm updating things. You know that local Magazine I've been working on? You can see some of the issues online now here. I've always been so bad at keeping a portfolio. I would much rather hang out with humans than computers, and though I always know where everything is, it's usually where no-one else will ever see it. I send artwork off without taking a photo, I file things onto external hard drives and put them safely in a drawer. So now, I'm searching and scanning and uploading and having FUN and getting a crick in my neck.

But the modern working world demands that I have my work visible on the internet. Sigh.

In Smelly Teenager news, Chas slammed a door and BROKE a glass pane. He is £138 poorer, and I feel for him, I really do.


Unknown said…
That's a lot of money!!! Wow. Was that in a fit of pique?
Nan Sheppard said…
Well yes, he was having a teenage tiff with Sam involving yelling and stamping... and slamming Olde Victorian Doors. He knows now that if you're going to slam a door, it should be a cheap one. It made a great SMASH tinkle tinkle noise though, VERY satisfying as slams go!
Good for you for holding him responsible anyway. Good learning for him.