In Which There are No Brownies Left for Breakfast

We live across the road from Max's primary school. Isn't that super-convenient, for a mama who used to drive for HOURS every day? One of the side effects is that my house is a convenient drop-off point for friends who have an early morning appointment, or kids who have streetdance later, or small neighbours on bicycles who are just passing by. It's been a wonderful way to make friends, for me and for the boys. On Fridays we tend to have everyone over and the boys tear in and out and the mummies, grannies and teenage girls convene around the kitchen table cackling like mad. Or sometimes joining the boys in their antics. Sometimes we mix up a vat of Mega Bubbles (a bucket of water, good quality dishwashing liquid and some glycerine makes the BEST bubbles ever. Add eye of newt if you think it will help) and if it's very rainy we put a kids' DVD on. Occasionally someone falls off their skateboard or crashes on the trampoline.

It's a great way to end a week, cry over spilt milk, psychoanalyse and forgive detractors, laugh like maniacs, plot, plan, scry the future and jot things down in our calendars. 

Last week, I kept thinking there was something I should be doing, at around ten-thirty-ish. But there was no Margo to visit, so I went out instead. To the grocery, the stationery shop, anywhere! And yes, I went to Margo's flat, where I gradually cleaned things, removed foodstuff, threw away obvious garbage (parsley expired in 2006, anyone?) stripped the beds, and watered the plants. I took three bags of cabbage and half-packets of baking soda home, where I will use them up eventually. Unfortunately, no hidden boxes of chocolate, chests of jewels or cases of wine have been found. 

Margo does not go in for clutter and has always been tidy so there really isn't that much to do there. 

I've been applying for jobs. Send awesome job finding vibes! 

This morning, my house needs tidying. I went on strike earlier in the week from picking up boys' socks from the floor, and as soon as the darlings are up, we will be busy bees. Then we'll do nice things together this afternoon. I love weekends! 

Edited: Bubble recipe here. That post is from 2008, and I just nearly died laughing reading the comments! 


aclare said…
It's a new dawn! I bet it feels so different not having Margo to look after anymore! But soon there will be another small addition to the family and all help will be greatly apprieciated!!

I pick up socks and underwear most of the time and I only have one husband!! Can't imagine what to do for 3!! And apparently there is only one person who can wash them too!!
Sounds like you've created a wonderful, friend-making, week- ending gathering. You have more time to do other thing that are important to you now that Margo has moved. Good for you. Hugs to you and the boys.
Ndinombethe said…
How exciting... I want friday afternoons like that too :)
Anonymous said…
I need your Friday afternoon. Really.
Kath McGurl said…
Good luck with the job hunting!