Smelly Boys

There is a rule somewhere that if a teenager gives you a hug, YOU HUG THEM BACK, right? I know this rule, I'm a good mommy and anyway, when have I ever refused a hug?

But if the teenager is sweating like a pig and smells like a goat, does this rule still apply? I'm just wondering. Because I think that they wait till their most extremely stinky moments to get all amorous. Nobody ever loves me when the're all showered and ready for bed, they just grunt. But when they've come in from an exhilarating ride and have mud splattered up their back and armpits that vamp and helmet hair? They just looooove their mummy.

Sam making a Feature Movie spoof, "DEATH BY SNAILS!!!" (with Charlotte Bill, Producer extraordinaire and cousin of fabulousness!) Lots of terrifying action sequences and awesome special effects. Coming soon to a theatre near you.

Well, I still need my mummy sometimes, so I know they do too. They just don't know it right now!
Look out, Escargola!


The "smelly" in your title immediately triggered my realization as a new mom that my baby had a unique smell that no other baby had. I loved to breathe her in. Strong smells would imprint even deeper wouldn't they? Go for it- be the first to find out, relish and write about this!
p.s. The WV is pregents. That's what your sons are!
Anonymous said…
...and who doesn't remember the rusty penny smell of school children :)

I am running out of comrades in the armpit are growing up too fast suddenly! GROWTH SPURRRRRRRT AHEAD!!!!!!!SCREEEEECH!!!
Unknown said…
Given that smell is one of the strongest memory joggers we have, I can just see you as a wizened old woman, sitting outside the men's locker room at LA Fitness, breathing deeply every time someone opens the door.
Nan Sheppard said…
Ah, as usual my commenters are wise and wonderful. Do I secretly like Armpit Smell of Teen Sons? Is there some evolutionary purpose in this?

Lou, surely just ANY ol' armpit smell wouldn't work? I shudder to think!

And, Sean and Chas are having a fart fest as we speak. And you were saying something about gents, Grandmother? :)
aclare said…
Hee.. heee... They say that certain pheromones in body sweat are considered attractive to certain people. And that they smell different to different people. So I imagine that not just any sweat will do.