We're Baaaaack!

Appledore is great. The tide came in, and we cast fishing lines and gazed at the water and looked at the seagulls. Then the tide went out, and we walked across the estuary, all the way to Instow. At least, the boys did, every day, accidentally falling into slimy black mud along the way. As you do. The tides in Appledore are some of the highest in Europe, eight meters I think!

In between, we ate fish and chips (AND curry sauce!) wrapped in newsprint. Greazy.

There's an arts festival this weekend, and the little store on the quay sells fresh bread every morning. I went in for eggs and walked out with OMM NOMM NOMM the first morning, and by golly I believe I put on five extra pounds in fresh bread and croissants and hot-out-of-the-oven deliciousities. Chas says that should be a word. He knows nothing, it IS a word. Now he says "That should be in brackets". Go to bed annoying boy, it is nine o'clock!

Now he's criticizing my extreme use of exclamation marks!!!! So There!!!!!

Mwahahaha. I am going to sleep now. The rest of the family can stay up all nigsht sifedxc2 5t43 ulk7jh4tqrdyb694km

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Oh good grief!


Wacky Mommy said…
hahaha. Love the photos, so gorgeous.
Nan Sheppard said…
It IS a gorgeous place! And you can literally watch the tide roll in. It gushes up the estuary!
Anonymous said…
looks like an artist's dream

Unknown said…
Gobbledegook is also a word - for the indecipherable in all of us.