Diary of a Stay at Home Mom

Quote of the Day:  "We're sick of not being able to afford things."

Ohh, my children, me too, me too... I miss packing us all up and going somewhere really nice for a week. I miss saying 'Yes' when you want to do a hundred extra activities and need a particular pair of shiny brand-name football boots. But LOOK! We can make a huge mess in the kitchen! Repeatedly! And your mother is so laid back that she doesn't bat an eye. AND we had chocolate cake for breakfast.

In other news, I am still fatter than I used to be. I have bitten the bullet and bought new trousers that I can do up without SUCKING IN. Which is fine, this is my normal 'Living in England' waistline. Or maybe it's the 'Unemployed Mom' waistline, a result of not having three expensive hours of yoga a week to look forward to. Or is it the chocolate cake for breakfast? I'll chalk it up to a lack of stress and leave it there.

If all goes according to plan, I'll be re-entering the world of work and money soonish. It's making the Summer Holiday even better, knowing how busy life used to be. Today, the boys and I rode to the park and they did the dirt jumps while I lay under a tree for TWO HOURS. I've loved the slow mornings, seeing Chas and Sam out the door and then hanging out with Max till his school gate opens. It's been good for Chas and Sam to have a mama on call... big boys need mummies too! We have worked on a few issues, Max's reading has improved dramatically, and giving everyone more attention has, weirdly, made them more independent and helpful.

Not that they appreciate their mother, or anything drastic like that. Ha! No, if I'm going to be appreciated, it will have to be by impressing the person who matters most: Myself.

Now, excuse me while I go jump on the trampoline till I get all sweaty and build up enough static charge to ZAP SOMEBODY!


Anonymous said…
Ahhhhh...a man in the kitchen!
Awesome rocking hairdo too!

p.s. try a dollar wine on the trampoline :)
Nan Sheppard said…
Vicki, like yuh want mih strain someting or what? :)
Unknown said…
Those marvelous boys of yours ... someday they will appreciate you ... or the memory of all the things that you and they have done, together, when other boys' mums are off working and whatnot. They will.