It's Advice Column Time Again!

"Dear Pockets..."

Have you got pet problems? Soufflé not rising well? Communication breakdown with spouse? Not sure where to seat your stepmother's ex-husband? Think your co-worker might be an alien?

No matter the crisis, your Agony Aunt can solve the problem. No matter how bizarre.


aclare said…
Dear Pockets,

Please could you tell me the winning numbers for the lottery. The glass on our oven door fell off and so we have had to fix it back with duck tape, since finding a new oven to fit the space might not be possible and an entirley new kitchen is out of the question! We would be willing to send a cut your way if you can help.

I await your reponse with eager anticipation!
The Mother said…
Dear Agony Aunt:

Can you please tell me how to write a best selling novel, so I can give up my day job and lead the life of Riley?

Also, please explain how to make my teens grateful for my tutelage.
Nan Sheppard said…
Man, you guys have some serious problems! Stay tuned, and your problems will be solved soon!