Snot City

Well, that was an exciting few weeks, culminating in an 'Assessment Day' and Interview for a really cool job.

Assessment Day Tips:

1) Don't get a stuffy head and spend the day snotting at your assessors.
2) Do NOT giggle.
3) Do not forget important chunks of your presentation.
4) Being nervous is not cute or professional.

If I were them, I would hire 'Jane', who was experienced and on the ball. Maybe Jane will decide to pack it all in  and become a pro golfer, and I'll have a chance, I'll hear later on in the week. Anyway, it was a great experience and very good practice for the next time, which I am sure will be soon. There are good interesting jobs to be had, you just need to search, search, keep searching.

SO now that I have my driving

(Aside: Chas is editing over my shoulder, and said I need a comma after SO. He's worse than I am at obsessive editing...)

SO, now that I have my driving theory out of the way and the scary job assessment is history, I can spend the next week hanging out with my beautiful boys and writing a few articles that have been commissioned. I can't wait till the first one is published, so I can point you all that way! (All 2 of you. I used to have like 20 commenters and now I have one. I don't know whether that's because commenting is out of fashion or because nobody loves me any more, but it's okay. I'll still blog because it's what I do.) (On the other hand, I do get 2,000 page views a month. Who ARE these people, and are they all really here for the yogurt recipe? A fabulous piece of cookery writing and appliance review, to be sure.)

A few friends are coming to stay over the next few weeks and enjoy our beautiful beaches, but we will steer them away from said beaches, which are packed with pink tourists, and head to the clifftops and woods and castles instead. Hopefully by the time they arrive I will have gotten over my snot. (Talking about snot is a sure way of attracting commenters, no?)

One of the boys took this pic, very early on the Thursday
morning of the Air Show in 2009, before anyone had really
arrived. No further photos were taken due to the awesomeness
of the event. I promise to take pictures this year though. 
The BOURNEMOUTH AIR SHOW begins on Thursday 18th August, in case you were wondering, and we do have a few patches of floor still available for sleeping on. The Red Arrows! The VULCAN!!!! Wing Walkers! The Blades, Lancaster Bomber, and many, many other exciting and LOUD displays. This week a VERY LOUD something roared over the house, and the nine little boys who happened to be here at the time screamed in unison, "RED ARROWS!!!!" and stampeded out of the house, to stand in the middle of the street looking at the sky hopefully for fifteen minutes. Good thing we live on a dead end, what with all the drivers also looking up a lot these days.

The rest of the holidays is going to be fun!


Kath McGurl said…
Hey, I still comment now and again! Everyone else is on holiday I guess.

I love the air show. Can't wait till it begins. Did you see the Red Arrows performing over Swanage the other day? We happened to be on the cliff top and saw them looping the loop in the distance.

I think the Vulcan is my favourite. Its deep, throaty, deafening roar is stupendous.

Looking forward to hearing about your article publications.
Unknown said…
I still and always love you. And I would LOVE to be there for the Air Show. Unfortunately ...
Anonymous said…
Just popped in briefly from Toco! I luvs my Toco! The water is lovely, clear and warm and I haven't seen that many fish in years, plus the waves are cracking beauties!
This year we are attempting to make as many varieties of coconut goodies as possible, so far ice cream, coconut drops, sugar cake... I am gonna be a porka by the time school starts again :)
I see cool stuff is happening around your way :)
I have only had 3 job interviews in my life (the first 2 were in 1985 and the last about 15 years ago - all successful) so I can't give you much advise there except to be you and to hell with everything else. They gotta luv you for you or else you wouldn't last very long at the job anyway.
Trini drivers were born to break all the rules :)

Unknown said…
Trini drivers are the best - especially those people who drive the 'cabs' up and down the Maraval.
Sally-Ann said…
The yogurt recipe does ROCK!