Things I've Found in Pockets...

Sundry shopping lists, "Sandwich ing. Picnic things. TP."
More sand
DS game cards (they still work after cold wash and line dry)
Memory stick (it doesn't)
Money (muahaha!)

What's in pockets at your place?


Unknown said…
Given that my sons are adults, now, their laundry gets done by THEM. I hate to think what might be found in their pockets, and there's no way on EARTH I'm telling you what might be found in mine. I'm just sayin'. :)
Anonymous said…
Just acquired a new jeans. Didn't notice til this morning when I tried to shove an armful of must haves into them....false pockets! MOST frustrating! Should be outlawed!!!!

aclare said…
Any inter-dimentional spiders? I am convinced my bathroom has a portal. There are never any when you first enter, then you look down or close your eyes to wash your face and then there it is right infront of you wrigglin' and wrigglin'. THEN you leave and come back AND it has disappeared! Where did it go! Hmm...
Kath McGurl said…
Sand, obviously.
Tiny Lego guns.
Shredded paper, which usually turns out to be a form that should have been handed it at school or scouts.
trash said…
That bit about the DS games is good to know. I shall file it away for future reference.