Max goes back to school tomorrow. I thought Chas and Sam did too, but nooooo, I checked the school calendar online and they're off until Wednesday. Now, I do adore them, and the holiday has been fabulous, but we're ALL looking forward to school now.

Then Sam stood in the centre of the kitchen and recited the QWERTY keyboard (punctuation marks included) for no reason. How useful to have a child with a photographic memory. Chas is building some sort of new and improved catapult. Sam decided to add a plastic bag full of water to the mix and naturally, filled it in the kitchen so that he would have to walk through the house with it to get outside. Then he got distracted and forgot what he meant to do and sort of wandered around with the leaking bag of water. 

Then they decided to see if they could eat choc ices while jumping on the trampoline. 

Now Max is wandering round going, "I'm hungry, but not really. I'm bored. But I don't want anything to do."

Sums up the last days of the Summer Holidays, eh? 


He knows the keyboard by heart? Please tell me how he did that. Can't he share little hints rather than attribute it strictly to photographic memory, which I don't have. Improved catapult sounds fishy as a concept though. Too much time on hands. Send them to school. It's not until Wednesday- poor you!
p.s. Max is pretty insightful.
Unknown said…
Hah! Been there, done that.
Anonymous said…
Sounds like the end of summer break to me. That's the noise here, too.
aclare said…
You see I have the best memories of Summer and don't remember ever being bored... in fact... I remember being really sad it was over and Mum making us pack up our projects. (We made the most EPIC Lego cities that took up almost all the floor space in the room!!) Hoping I can pass this on to my kids! =)
Nan Sheppard said…
Grandmother, I asked Sam how he remembered the keyboard and got a blank look. "YOU can type," he said, "YOU know the keyboard. Everyone does." I explained that my fingers remember but my, uh, eyes do not. I cannot spell every word I've ever seen, I cannot recite a list of letters and numbers just because I've seen them. He doesn't get that.
Anonymous said…
I have discovered that my body remembers a whole lot more than my brain ever will, but now my body is overloading and somewhere in the deep recesses of...somewhere...a little red light is flashing "Warning! Self imploding sequence initiation eminent, please download more chocolate!"

Wacky Mommy said…
i can relate. again. haha.