How to Finish Writing That Article

  • Remind self that it's for a kids' science magazine
  • Delete long words
  • Delete, Delete, Delete
  • Make cup of tea
  • See what's up on facebook
  • Text friend
  • Head to school and search lost and found for Max's jacket lining
  • Re-read
  • Pour olive oil in hair for supreme deep conditioning, HUZZAH!
  • Decide not to go for walk smelling like salade du chef
  • Rewrite
  • Delete
  • Email department store re: purchasing new lining for Max instead of whole damn winter coat
  • Reread
  • Nother cup of tea? Don't mind if I do
  • Rewrite 
  • See if anything exciting has happened on facebook since nine o'clock
  • It hasn't
  • But article seems to be shaping up, all by itself. Weird, that!
See? Sometimes a little procrastination can go a long way. Writing for ten-year-olds is NOT like writing for grownups, and wandering round the primary school looking in the lost and found bins of EVERY SINGLE CLASS was actually quite inspiring. Think like a child! Olive oil head massage I totally recommend as well, because, wow. Now, if I can finish this article today, I can get a sticker. 


Tilt your head to the right (quite a bit) and it looks like Sam is holding a devil mask. Really! Good luck with the article.
Nan Sheppard said…
So it does! It's MEANT to be a triceratops... but now all I see is those big eyes. Maybe it's more of a lemur?
Unknown said…
Procrastination? Hmmmm. That's a technique I ought to be REALLY good at, and, worst case scenario, I can always blame failure on the ADD.
Anonymous said…
Oh you crack me up! You forgot to add "play online mah jong and waste 5 hours."
Anonymous said…
Sit on the loo...
Gets rid of all the crap and helps you concentrate better.

Nan Sheppard said…
*Sit on loo...
*Play MahJong...

I'm taking notes here!