Kitchen Disco!

(Edited: This was meant to be posted on Saturday, but it got filed away as a draft instead and I only just noticed!)

Last night was Kitchen Disco night at Chez Nan, where we have friends over, eat, dance, drink and sing into the spatula. The food was up to the usual high standard, with Lena's stuffed pepper debut, but this week the Mummies didn't do much dancing, opting instead to collapse in a heap and plug the PS2 in for the kids. We were all exhausted. The kids were thrilled, and got square eyes playing video games instead of running in and out and falling out of the tree.

I temped this week, my first temp gig since I had Chas. Temping is a great way to work! The agency tests your skills and you get put in a file marked 'Awesome'. Then a company calls them up and says "OMG I need someone Awesome, QUICK! to sort out this thing." and your agency says "I have just the gal for you!"

So off you go to spend three days or three weeks or whatever doing something new and interesting, and you get paid, and then you say, "OK, I'm going to London next week so I won't be available," and they say "Cool, see you when you get back." And then you get another new and exciting job for a few days, or a few weeks.

My Sensible Shoes
Flexible, fun, and the money is good. It's a really great option for a budding writer who a) really needs to get away from her laptop and b) really needs the money. This week was great, though I was on my feet for 10 hours on Wednesday rushing hither and thither at a medical conference. I sat down for two short breaks. Whew! Temp Tip: Wear comfy shoes!

And in other News of Wonderfillity, I got PAID for my very first magazine article this week! It's in the second issue of Work Your Way Magazine, which is geared toward freelancing mums in the UK. It's a great new magazine, and I am really proud to be involved! I've written a "special feature on how mums are leading the way as ethical and social entrepreneurs and a fascinating report on female entrepreneurs in the Carribbean". Doesn't that sound great? I will link to issue 2 when it eventually goes online. I can't wait to get my own copy in the mail! For the next issue, I'm writing another fabulous feature. Stay tuned!

So yes, I have been busy.

And, did I mention we are off to London for a week of Cousin Awesomeness and Long  Museum Days? Yay! What are you up to for the half-term holiday or just the weekend? And what have you achieved lately that you're proud of? Spill it, reader!


Unknown said…
Temping!! Cool. But published articles are absolutely grand. Well done you.
Anonymous said…
Well, I've nearly completed all the requirements to become a 2nd degree black belt in karate.
I like the sound of your disco kitchen night.
Congrats on the temping AND the article--how great to be recognized as AWESOME!
Unknown said…
Hanging out with my very first nephew :)
Congrats about the articles- how very cool to be a featured writer. I did the temp thing once in a break between nursing jobs and I loved it. Got to work in some interesting hospitals and decide if I wanted to work at any of them full time. I chose my next job that way. I'm in London, too, after seeing Windsor for 3 days. Museums and shows- yes!
congrats on the article!!!

I used to work at a temp/staffing company. It wasn't so fun on the other side of the desk ;0 Oh, the stories I could tell...
wildgirl said…
Congrats on the paid published piece!
Kath McGurl said…
Congrats on the publication news! Hope it's the first of many.