Things In Pockets

  • Lots of Conkers! We just can't seem to walk past a beautiful shiny conker. What should we do with them all? 
  • Nuts
  • Money
  • Socks, which drives me mad
  • Train Tickets
  • Freshly Laundered Lists
  • Receipts
  • Rubber Bands and Paperclips, in a sort of deadly array
  • Blu-Tac
  • Grey Plastic Army Men
  • Green Plastic Medieval Men 
Happy Friday everyone! What interesting things have you found in pockets this week? 


aclare said…
I think Kate would like to be in my Pocket today!
What's a conker? I actually found a ten Euro bill in a pocket from when I went to the beach. Yes!
Anonymous said…
What is a conker? Must ask.
I found money and a rock, a Lego and a piece of a Nerf gun.
Wacky Mommy said…
Keep finding the same plastic hedgehog, NO money and today? A tiny bottle filled with liquid, labeled Don't drink me...
Nan Sheppard said…
Conkers are horse chestnut seeds? Pods? They are SO shiny. When we say "Chestnut Brown" it's conker-coloured. Kids here drill a hole in a conker and swing them on a string to whack them together. Strongest chestnut wins. For a few years it's been a banned game as a health and safety hazard but new head teachers are saying "That is a dumb rule, playing conkers is traditional!" So kids are going around with conker-inflicted bruises once again.

Oooh, Wacky Mommy, what's in the bottle :)
Nan Sheppard said…
Ailis, sounds like you need a sling!!