Campaigning for Civilized Toilets Since 1998!

Yes, folks, it's the latest battle in the War of the Toilets. Alas that I cannot install a urinal and a pin-locked girls' loo...
But I will not be defeated! Occasional battles may be lost, but victory will eventually be mine!!!! Or they will all move out. And I will probably miss them, and look back and sigh, "O how I miss complaining about stinky loos."

Or not.


Unknown said…
being somewhat familiar with the way the plumbing works, I can tell you that at times it is difficult to control where the initial 'burst' of the 'stream' actually goes.

What you might do is encourage your boys to SIT TO PEE. Standing to pee is a privilege earned by those who do NOT PISS OFF MUM.
Anonymous said…
Easy PEEsy!
Let your little engineers invent a push button floor remote that controls the seat so that when they stand by the toilet to do their widdles it activates the seat making it raise up and when they step away from it, it descends. TA DAH!
You can patent it! Make gazillions! Retire to the Caribbean even!


p.s. of course the push button will have to be to the side of the base of the toilet in the vicinity of where the toes would be positioned if facing the toilet, so that one does not accidentally step on it when sitting, otherwise one would be caught in a very uncomfortable, compromising position.

p.s.s. my word verification was:
(who knew!)
Prue said…
Use your old lipstick to draw a target just above the waterline and ask them to aim for it to see if they get a bullseye! After all, you aim to please, but they must please aim !
Nan Sheppard said…
Thanks all... All of these things work for a while, and then they wear off. Lou, apparently sitting down to pee is JUST NOT DONE. Fortunately, the boy who is the worst culprit usually cleans the toilet, and he does a pretty ok job. It could be worse!
You already came up with my solution- have them clean it. Daily. Remember the days of aiming for the cheerio in the bowl?
Anonymous said…
Ha! That's genius! Maybe add a bull's eye for the bottom?
Nan Sheppard said…
An eye in the bottom of the toilet would kinda freak me out!