Read me a Story: Audiobooks are Awesome!

When we used to drive for HOURS to school and back, we had dozens of Audiobooks on CDs and Tapes. It was amazing. We would sit in traffic and laugh at the antics of Hiccup in How to Train Your Dragon, or listen in rapt attention to A Short History of Nearly Everything, an incredibly listen-able tale the important scientific bits we should all know. Chas learned his times tables by singing along on a cassette tape, we listened to Shakespeare's  As You Like It over and over until we understood the weirdness of the language, and on the way home late in the evening, we were lulled with poetry, bedtime tales and classic stories.

Two years ago, we discovered Audible Audiobooks, and now we can choose and download a story in minutes. Many is the night I've heard Chas giggling, and when I look in he's got the headphones in. So I'm pointing you in their direction.

  Here's a FREE TRIAL!Audiobook Downloads from Audible
Some Bedtime Meditations for Kids:Bedtime Meditations for Kids
The Prince's Bedtime:The Prince's Bedtime (Unabridged)
And many more wonderful books for children and grownups!


aclare said…
And also very good to get children interested in reading if they find it dfficult. Mum bought me many to listen to and I think it did help. I used to lull myself to sleep to the more familiar ones as I the night time sounds unevered me when I was younger - the audio books helped relax me.
Nan Sheppard said…
That's true, so many kids who 'Hate to read' actually love being read to... and listening to beautifully spoken stories and poems can improve vocabulary and comprehension just like reading can!
Anonymous said…
You remind me to find a good book on tape for our Thanksgiving trip to Iowa!
My grandson was one who was slow to read on his own but would beg any passing warm body to read to him. I've been a fan for many years of audio books. I still love being read to. hanks for the links.