My blog list is MISSING! I know I can find most of my favourite peeps again, never fear, but I have been too busy to go looking yet. So how about EVERYONE leave a comment, just to make life easy for me, k? This should be fun!

I recently went from to my OWN domain name,, which is very cool and cheaper than I thought. Maybe that has caused the gadget to disappear? Ah well, in the grand scheme of things it's small stuff. And if you ONLY KNEW about the grand scheme things that have been happening here, you would be sending me chocolate and advice and warm fuzzy socks.

In fact, you should send me some anyway.

I did my grocery shopping: Riverford's Meat Box (usually we just get masses of veggies, and hardly ever eat meat), pot barley, double cream. I am craving stodgy food, and it's not even winter yet! The clocks went back a few days ago, and the dark evenings are (insert word here)

To counteract the stodge effect, I also bought amazing comfy new running shoes for effective pavement pounding. They are silver and purple and sparkly! My old shoes had holes in them, and my shins were hurting... the new shoes, happy shins! They were on sale too, asics. I love 'em.

We're plugging the TV in this week, for long dark evenings of nature documentaries and hopefully, good programming. and maybe some CSI. Wish us luck!


Unknown said…
And here I've been slowly 'unpluggin' myself from TV - working my way out into the garage, where a number of two-wheeled winter projects await my tender ministrations.

Good job you with the new shoes, though. If you're going to run, make sure your feet are properly ensconced in appropriate wear - those are the only feet you've got.
Anonymous said…
D swears by Asics. Good buy!
Things are getting dark here, too. So damn depressing.
Congrats on your own site address!!!
Yes, congrats on the domain name. I'm convinced that good running shoes are they key to happy running. I like Asics as well as a couple of other brands.
aclare said…
And we never did find out who murdered that guy in sewer from that episode of CSI...
Anonymous said…
so I'm waaay behind on my blog least I've posted a couple of times recently...