Dear Peeps! I know you've missed me, despite the fat that no-one emailed and said "Ooooh, how we miss you!" all weeping and gnashing etc.

I have had a terribly hectic time, working all day and writing all night kinda thing (Boys: "Pizza again? Awesome! You should work all the time") but we are heading off to Trinidad and a couple of weeks of tropical bliss. Hold on, let me just stop a moment and listen to the December GALE that is blowing around my house for a minute...

Ahhh, December Gale, you go right ahead and blow.

You can pop over to Work Your Way for the continuing saga of Work Matters. I will be mostly unplugged and off the grid for a few weeks, but I'll check in from time to time. Have a great Christmas!


I look forward to your next blog because I will be starring in it followed by high praise.
Sleep well my sweet and take lots of vitamins as you will be needing the energy.
Love as always,

Soon! I'll see you soon! And we'll have that tropical bliss with our families! Yay.
aclare said…
SOME of us have to endure the December Gale, yuh know! Anyway it will soon be our turn and it will be much colder and snowier... Muhahaha!!

Hope you have a wonderful time. Wish we were with you to eat some of the best turkey ever (seriously I want to know how you made SUCH a yummy turkey!).
Nan Sheppard said…
My turkey is legendary! And my stuffing rules!
Anonymous said…
Yuh eh reach here yet gyal?
Steupsss...I say you paranging already!

Know you'll have a merry one!
Blessings to you and yours