Good Things

Yesterday, there was a complete double rainbow against a dark grey sky. Three seagulls coasted under it, catching the sun and shining so brightly. Everyone was calling everyone else up and saying, "GO AND LOOK OUTSIDE!" and all evening, "Did you see it?" It was at heading-home-from-school time, and teenagers with iPods and phones stopped their bikes and took pictures. When they got home they were all yelling up the stairs and then coming in and dumping their wet jackets on the floor and announcing that they had seen the most amazing rainbow. And then stunned because I SAW IT TOO.

The rainbow faded quickly, but the rainbow mood lasted all evening.

Gratuitous Brasso Seco Holiday Shot
Today it's dreary and grey again, but I keep looking through the window just in case. The birds at the feeder are annoyed. "Whatchoo lookin' at? come and fill 'er up!" I have lots to do, from boring stuff like sole trader taxes to exciting stuff like submitting query letters to new magazines. I have had a few articles accepted or printed this week and it's heady stuff! The new Work Your Way Magazine is out, and you should order or subscribe today! The website is great, and the magazine (featuring my, um, features) is brilliant.

I have an article in an upcoming issue of Aquila, a lovely magazine for curious kids. In which I attempt to explain Mirror Neurons and Empathy to a ten-year-old audience.

And, Green Parent Magazine would like to print my article on getting teenagers unplugged.

All of this is after a year of queries, rejections, total lack of replies, and loss of faith in self. Unfortunately, I cannot quit the day jobs yet, but it's nice to see my name in print, and it makes rejections easier to accept!

What's good with you, peeps? Is 2012 your year?


Unknown said…
I love the shot of the boys heading for the water - reminds me of "down the islands" and the First Boca.
Nan Sheppard said…
It is, Lou! Tash's house just round that bend, behind Max.
Anonymous said…
Hey you!
Welcome back, which is strange for me to say because I am here, where you just left, and you are there, but there is where I visit you...
Anyways, looks like you had a roaring break in T&T :)
2012, I am aiming to do more bushing with the girls.
Having come across quite a few bad tempered Fer de Lance snakes on our last hike, I am determined to put some steel-plated armour on the girls legs before we go anywhere again.
This said and knowing your own kids passion for the wilds, do you know where I can get some smaller sized rubber boots in T&T? All I can find is the monster man size :(

Nan Sheppard said…
Vicki, OY! Boots would be good... although those snakes get so damn big I think they could bite someone on the ear just as easily. My dog was bitten on her face years ago, which is why I never enforced the Boots Rule. We just tread carefully and let the sharpest-eyed snake-guy go first. Any Trinis know where tall bush boots can be found?
Anonymous said…
Our rule is never be the third man :)
The first one disturbs, the second one irritates, the third one gets bit.

Anonymous said…
Hooray for so many writing gigs! I'm glad for you!
oh hon, it's so much better than two years ago at this time! love the pictures, and good job getting your writing out there.
Nan Sheppard said…
Thanks my peeps... It's true that I could NOT have done it without you guys!
Islandgirl said…
All the hard work is paying off Nanooo..congrats. This is the year the dreams become reality! xxx

(ps. my word was 'jughs' that really big boobs after you have a few drinks?)