Hellooo? Is This Thing On?

It is well and truly January, peeps. I haven't posted here in weeks! We were off the grid for most of our holiday, which was lovely. I forgot my camera SD card in Trinidad, with thousands of holiday pictures on it, and hopefully it will be here soon, Sean put it in the mail for me. I'm praying that it arrives safely!

Even though I haven't been posting here much, I am still writing regularly over at Work Your Way. If you are a parent who works from home or runs your own business, check out the site for great tips and inspiration! I have a new post up there every Monday morning. I've also been temping last week, at a marketing company. No eating bonbons on the sofa here!

In other news, the weather is not too dreadful (for January), I have many good books to read (which I will eventually get around to), the iPad is loads of fun and we are all enjoying "Artrage" and "Starwalk" among other programs. We all got colds from our travels, but we are fine now. The boys are getting more warlike, and know everything about guns. But they also know about hugs.

I'm watching the birds bicker round the nearly empty feeder as I write. They eat all of the seeds at top speed and then sit looking accusingly through the kitchen window until I climb back up the tree and do a refill. Don't they know I have other things to do?

Happy 2012, my faithful readers!


Unknown said…
And a Happy New Year to you and yours, too. Tell Sam I know what it's like - and I'm glad the coffee helps.
Anonymous said…
Sounds like you're getting back into the groove there. Xo
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the reminder--our feeder is low here!
Sounds like you've been super busy--glad you're getting to write for pay--living the dream!
Nan Sheppard said…
Green Girl, if only it were ENOUGH pay so I wouldn't have to go out to work :)