January, You Are the Pits

...Or as my friend Tracy says, "This weather is PANTS!" an English expression which I have adopted wholeheartedly. Yesterday, my camera SD card arrived via registered mail (Thank you thank you Seanos!), so today you get to have a photo of sunshine to brighten your day!

Damian's Bay, where we battled big waves. I bodysurfed a lot, then used my brother's surfboard once and had to lie on the beach to recover.

My lovely friend Pat left a box of hand made Cocobel Chocolate for me at mum's house while I was in Trinidad. I have been eating ONE every few days, they are amazingly good and so pretty to look at. The truffles are ultra-creamy, and the fruity-centred ones, which I usually HATE and give them all to dad, are scrumptious. Not overly sweet or overly 'Flavoured'. The nutty ones are awesome. The chocolate coating itself is very good too, and I know what I am talking about. I think these may be the best chocolates I have ever eaten. Pat, I am RUINED now, I will never eat Cadbury's chockies again. When will we be able to order Cocobel from here? We may have to resort to FedEx!

Looking through all of my photos (1,783 of them!) I am revisiting my holiday. But I'm really supposed to be working. So I will be terribly disciplined, and get back to work, and leave you with just a few.
See, it wasn't ALL sunshine! Five inches of rain falling... and then evaporating again, only to fall an hour later. The forest was like insta-watercyle. I wonder what five inches of rain weighs? These photos taken at the beautiful Brasso Seco Eco Resort.


Anonymous said…
Is "pants" a good thing?
Am finishing our Christmas chocolates here, too. Divinity.
As are your photographs.
Unknown said…
I can speak from personal experience - it's hard to go from Trinidad to ANYWHERE COLD. Period. End of story.

God I love these pictures.
aclare said…
You are VERY lucky that they weren't eaten by the members of the household! I am actually very surprised that they managed to stay intact!

Counting the minutes to OUR visit!