We Really Love Our iPad

Where did the sunshine go? This has been a weird January, I have had my duvet covers and things hanging outside to dry in the balmy Bournemouth breezes. People have been out in t-shirts. But no more! The weather gods must have noticed us all out enjoying the sunbeams and today they are making up for it with grey skies and snow flurries, but mostly rain.

Dandelions, by Sam
I love my iPad. I haven't been using it for work, YET, but as a toy it absolutely rocks. This painting was created by Sam in moments, using ArtRage. We have SketchbookPro, which is a good app for drawing... and cheaper, and easier for young children... but ArtRage is really fun, especially if you like to smush paint around and are not afraid to let your creativity flow and leap!

For kids, there are so many good apps. Max uses 'Times Tables Quiz', which is free, and there are plenty of other good number and word games which are free too... if you can tolerate the ads that pop up in between every move. I love 'Words With Friends', but the ads are really annoying. If you've got 'Flipboard', look for 'The Kid Should See This' and National Geographic for youngsters, and my Facebook Page if you want to keep up with my latest writing adventures. Women's Health is there, The BBC, Oprah, Yoga Journal. I can keep up with the news, and do research. I can make notes on Bamboo music on Garage Band. I guard my apple id with my life, so that the boys cannot download any apps I don't approve of.

'Star Walk' is a beautiful app which will show you exactly what is in the sky at any moment. If you have ever looked up at night and wondered, "Is that Jupiter?" then you really need Star Walk. Best of all, you can click on any object in the sky and get loads of information about it! We often see satellites glinting in the sky in the hour or so after sunset. Star Walk will tell you which satellite it is, and what it's doing there. SO AWESOME!

'Ted Talks' is a great app to have, because all of the Ted Talks are amazing. There is a Kindle App and iBooks. So many free books to download! If only I had time to read them all! I am learning to use 'Scripts Pro', a scriptwriting app, and playing with ArtRage with my mind on storyboarding and on illustrating my children's books. Of which I have written at least two, and they are fabulous, but they really need pictures. I'll keep you posted about all of these exciting projects! I've always been an artist, and having access to new media is cool.

So yes, I love my iPad, and it will gradually change the way I work. It's nice to have such a great, new, different outlet for creativity. But I still love my laptop!


Islandgirl said…
Sam's painting is fabulous! Did you get the drawing stylus? Have to say I had so much fun with the drawing programs that that ALONE makes me want to buy an ipad...that is the next thing on the wish list!
And YES you should get cracking on those children's books..long over due my friend!
Nan Sheppard said…
We got a stylus, but the boys still use their fingers. Sam had a great time making the daffodil heads by tap-tap-tapping his fingers!
Anonymous said…
The sun came south.
So did some mighty gusts of wind that make my daughter one very, very, very happy sailor :)
iPad apps sound awesome!


p.s. For anyone looking, Bhagwansingh has rubber boots from size 7. We tried them out this weekend on a very muddy hike to Cumaca Caves and they work super good. Soothed my protective maternal instincts about snakes completely.
Unknown said…
Hmmm. I've not gotten an iPad. Perhaps I should. I can do almost all of what you have described with software on my MacBook Pro - I LOVE my Bamboo Pad and stylus - I can draw ANYTHING - but still - that iPad sounds cool.