Zombies. All They Need is Love

So, we have decided, in a fact-seeking early-morning scientific assembly at Chez Sheppard, that zombies are simply misunderstood. They walk around groaning "BRAAAAIINNNSSSSS..." In fact, they are only trying to explain that due to their lack of functioning brains, they are feeling down and really need a hug. They want to groan, "HUUUGSSS..." and somehow (due to the brains situation) they can't formulate their statement clearly. See? So the next time someone lurches up to you with their arms outstretched, try to find some empathy in your heart, and don't just run away screaming.

... Discuss.


Anonymous said…
TOO funny!
We're mad for zombies here, too.
I've been playing Plants vs Zombies (a lot) with the grands and have been impressed with the variety of skills the zombies possess and how clever we have to be to defeat them. I didn't find hugs as an option though!
P.s. Good to see you over the holidays! Hi to the boys.