Things in Pockets, Besides our Hands Keeping Warm...

Brrrr! Are you cold? (Trinis need not reply. And I DEFINITELY don't want to know what colour your Carnival costume is or how many sequins will be adorning your boobs.)

I painted one wall in my living room GREEEEEN!!!!! Which is awesome. It's darker than I thought it would be, and I had a panic moment (as you do), but OH my goodness it looks really good. It's a huge room and the other walls are basic beige. I didn't take a picture of the whole room because it's knee deep in Lego. And there are clothes folded in heaps on the other half of the sofa. Notice the pull-up bar hanging in the doorway for boys to hang upside down. But that one little corner looks terribly House Beautiful.

So, what have you got in your pockets this week my peeps?

We've got Cough Drops, Gloves (Max has gloves in EVERY SINGLE POCKET of EVERY jacket and coat he owns, so he has no excuses!) Packs of Kleenex, Used Kleenex (crunchy and soggy both), A Few Coins, Lists, Lint, Notes From Teachers, Notes TO Teachers (for heaven's sake!) Bottle Tops, Keys (but not the ones we were looking for) Chockie Wrappers.

The bird feeder has fallen out of the tree. Oh travesty! There is a little posse of sparrows glowering at me through the window. I never knew sparrows could glower until now. Glower all you want, sparrows! It's too cold for me to climb trees today!


Anonymous said…
I know for a fact that there was some almighty plan of destiny afoot that made my ancestors come to the caribbean so that I would be able to survive temperature plunges.
Yet even here I am cold =•
The thermometer said 20degrees last night. My husband suffered a death grip whole night in my effort to hijack some body heat.
I really don't envy people living in europe right now.
I needs my heat! I needs my sun! I is a lizard!

Nan Sheppard said…
Vicki, thank goodness for my bright and sunny kitchen... I am generating vitamin D as we speak!
Anonymous said…
Just saw this and thought about your wall:

Unknown said…
I am sitting here imagining glowering sparrows. How fun. It's in the 40's here, again. And will be for several more days. Then it will drop into the 30's. For a day or two. And then right back into the 40's. This has been MY kind of Winter - so far. (I don't want to brag too much - I don't want to piss off whoever it is, up there, that's in charge of karma and juju and stuff. Because all we need is one good temper tantrum and the whole thing goes to hell in a handbasket.)
I love that sage green color! It is the color of my living room in Maine when we lived there. It was also large and I felt elegant in that room with its wonderful color.
Candygirlflies said…
Glowering sparrows.


(Climb that tree before they figure out how to crack open your windows. Trust.)

xoxo CGF
Looks great! I can't even get it together enough to touch up the dings in the paint that I already have...

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