Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Things in Pockets

SAND! You know spring is coming when we've got pockets full of sand. And, socks which are clean, but when you try to turn them right-side-out you realise that you have washed a sock full of sand. and then you have nice clean sand on the kitchen floor. But who cares, it means the weather is warming up!

Lists, also nice and clean. I wonder what was written on them? We'll never know.

Half a biscuit.

Come on, Spring!


Anonymous said...

That's the only reason I could see life at the beach being tiresome--sand. But I think I could get over it.

Grandmother Mary said...

I returned to spring springing in our little Italian corner of the world. I'm watching the dogwoods bloom!

Nan Sheppard said...

Oh Grandmother, you get Spring FIRST! I don't mind sand in the house, it just makes me think "Yay for living close to the beach!" ... but I DO mind it in my bed!