I've been riding my bike to work, EVEN on the cold, misty mornings, which is like riding through cold dishwater, really, and not the sparkling birdies-tweeting-in-the-morning-sunshine experience you think of when you think about riding to work. It's character building.

It is my birthday this week. It's my uncle Sligo's birthday on the same day. Best of all, it is CARMEN'S birthday this week and Carmen is the one I am most celebrating. Carmen is an inspiration! I love you Carmen, from your indomitable spirit all the way to your new and improved kidney. You rock! Everyone, go and sign up to be an organ donor right now. Really, think about it. I might have lost a dear friend had a generous family not thought of others.

Sligo and Carmen will be celebrating our birthdays in Brasso Seco as usual, and I will be there in spirit you guys, all weekend. On Friday night, I will eat a lot of cake and be entertained by my my local friends. I'm looking forward to it!


Anonymous said…
Hope you have a MARVELOUS time!
I hate biking when it's cold and miserable. My knuckles ache holding the handlebars.
Nan Sheppard said…
Green Girl, I've got the right gloves now :)
Anonymous said…
Hope you had a wild one! Happy birthday you!