Just Do It

Artists and writers (and most people) have so many good ideas which they never DO anything about. I'm sure everyone reading this has a half-finished project, an idea for a book, some paints they bought three years ago that have stayed in their packaging ever since, or been fiddled with once and stuck in a container...

There are some holidays coming up, and spring is inspiring everyone. Could you take make some time over the spring break, and get a project well under way? What ideas have been knocking around in your cranium, what have your friends been nagging you to finish up and exhibit, publish, show off? When will you make the time to get it DONE?

Me first: I've got three children's books to illustrate. I'm an artist, I've done the sketches, the layout is in my head... I have five days off for Easter, and I AM going to make a start on this!

There is always an excuse not to: Before, I had a wonderful studio... but the immediate problems of paying the bills meant that when I was there, I worked on fast-money items, not risky illustration projects. Now, I have no studio, no space, and that has been my excuse. No more excuses! I'm going to do this.

Now your turn!

With special thanks to my creative friends who inspire and nag me...


aclare said…
I always thought I should get my popup book published. It is there the first page needs fixing but other than that it is actually ready to go. I guess my excuse is that it is in my bottom draw at mum and dads and secondly it is not like a manuscript you can copy a million times and send to a publisher - it is a one of a kind prototype.

And I even had it tested on a focus group who loved it!
Nan Sheppard said…
We will see about publishing them both together, I will look into it. Love you!
Anonymous said…
Okay. Alright. I get it. Must have attitude! Must have determination!
I will get that veggie garden revamp going this long weekend! I have all the ingredients, just have to get it cooking. My mom-of-the-green-thumb is staying over, whilst hubby and eldest daughter are doing the sailing race to Grenada, so that should give me some incentive (Youngest daughter is pretty good at cracking that whip too, so looks like I am outnumbered).
Will save the art for the great Easter escape - full of incentives there: sun, sand, sea and I hear tons of jellyfish.
Which immediately brings to mind that guitar box you painted with the jellyfish on it :)

Nan Sheppard said…
Yay, Vicki, that's the spirit! You know, that jellyfish is one of my favouritest designs ever.
Unknown said…
I am so glad to see this - you are a WONDERFUL artist and I can't wait to see you book.

(and in the spirit of the child that I STILL am) my paint tubes are fuller than your paint tubes - nah-nah-na-nah-nah. :P