Love Letters to my Grandmother

I have been meaning to read all of my grandmother's letters for ages, and with things so quiet this week at work (Students on Spring Break) I thought I would bring a few in with me. I am sure you will agree that I HAD to share some of my findings with you absolutely immediately. (And everyone who comes into the helpdesk says "Oooooh! Can I see?") I wish I could print every letter in it's entirety... but I will definitely scan the lot.

"My own darling,

..." It is snowing like blazes so we may not get out at all today!

"...The old landlord at the Harrington arms is such a funny chap. He told us there was a nuddist colony just over the way! And leaning to Parkinson said 'If you look a likely lad maybe you would be interested now.' So you see, he evidently thought I looked quite settled down.

"... I will find a 'Bookie' this evening and place the bets for the National. Also for Nurse. Hope your stars foretell the truth! Darling Princess that is all my news I am afraid, only that I love you and love you and love you. I won't join the nudists, it's much too cold! God bless you my own sweet darling, a great big kiss and a very special snuglet. It would be a nice day for snuglets with the cold rain!"

"...All my love dearest darling, your very own Pat."

The thought of the 'nuddist' colony in the snow cracked me up... and I love the stars foretelling the winner for my witchy grandmother!

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Unknown said…
"snuglet" So sweet. Can I adopt that word? "Hugz" is so universal now. :)
Anonymous said…
Nudism is SOOOOOO over-rated!
Went to a beach or two. Saw gravity in all its fine splendor parading before me in all shapes and ages. Me thinks it is better to leave much to the imagination.

Snuglette - French for bathing suit not blanket. Ha =)

Love old letters!
Keep them coming!

p.s. Are those words 'to prove you're not a robot' in the comments section getting harder and harder to read or is it just me?
Nan Sheppard said…
I plan on using the word 'Snuglet' every chance I get!

Can you imagine nudism in the snow? Eeek! Gravity AND shrivels. Vicki, I think it might be us... I seem to be having a hard time too!
Anonymous said…
Have never heard of snuglet--nor would I imagine Brits to be nude in public EVER! Ah, just the language in these old letters, and the affection. What a cache of treasure!