On Yer Bike!

So, I have been driving my brother-in-law's car for two weeks, but yesterday I had to give it back. Alas! And I told myself I'd start cycling to work instead. So naturally, this morning was freezing and misty moisty. I nearly caved and took the bus.

Me on my way home from work. Ok, not really.
Max's friend Jimmy takes to the sky. 
But no! I was brave, and donned my gloves, and hit the road with plenty of time to spare. And lo, it was cold and damp and fog stuck to my cloves and my face froze. But the ride back HOME, dear readers, after work, was divine. Sunshine, cool breezes and trees blossoming.

I think this weekend we'll go and ride in the park.


Anonymous said…
Glad you had a nice weather pay off for the trip home.
I miss my bike.
Anonymous said…

Hmmm...does that show my age?
Unknown said…
You're taller. And you look like a girl.