Weekend Awesomeness

Yesterday ,when I got home from work, the latest issue of 'The Green Parent' Magazine was waiting in my heap of mail. Yippee! My article, "Unplugging Teenagers", looks really good and I am feeling like a million dollars.

Today, the sun is shining for the first time in ages. So I put my comfy shoes on, sped out and crossed things off my list: Get Margo's mail! Go to post office! Buy new toilet seat! Stationery store! Corner shop! Cut new keys!!!! The total round trip was probably about two miles, and the exercise was good. When I got back, Max and Sam and I walked to the park. In between, I'm washing my sheets and duvet cover and hanging them out in the sun. Sean and Chas have gone for a long ride with biking friends. Sam is playing computer games, and Max and his buddy are outside climbing the tree, which has little leaflets all over it.

I have a moment of peace, so I'm catching up here, and doing housekeeping on my facebook page. I have several more lists, in a heap beside me, so if I am supposed to be doing anything for anyone, don't panic. You're on my list. And, DELEGATING is on my list too, because a woman's got to know when to say "Actually, perhaps I should not attempt to sew my niece's Roman blinds all by myself when I could easily HIRE SOMEONE."

What are you delegating, busy peeps? And what great feats will you accomplish while you're not doing that thing?


Anonymous said…
Dang you are busy. But congrats on the article!
I've been delegating more housework to my kids. Good for everyone.
aclare said…
I have just delegated the ironing to the cleaning company up the road. I have stopped kidding myself that I will have time to do it, and the dinner, and Kate's food, and the dishwasher, and the washing, and generally looking after a baby who may or may not have chicken pox this week!