Cute as a Button

We hung out with cousins of all ages during the holidays: From very competitive Scrabble-Winning older cousins all the way down to the Kate of Awesomeness. I kept looking at my boys, holding their little cousin, entertaining her, adoring her, and it made me nostalgic for the days when they were little enough to have a bath in the kitchen sink.

Come and visit again soon, Kate, my kitchen sink needs you in it!


Anonymous said…
How sweet to watch your sons adore a baby!
Anonymous said…
Have you tried Bananagrams or Boggle?
Fosters that competitive streak and gets the blood pressure pumping ;)

That picture reminds me of when mom used to bathe my kid brother in the kitchen sink. To deter us bigger kids from trying to get back in there too, dad used to fill an old aluminum barrel (I remember it was silver, had absolutely no rust and the sun made wonderful patterns in the water), that was cut in half, with water so we could frolic to our hearts content.

Nan Sheppard said…
Vicki, we've got Bananagrams AND Boggle :) Love them! Sam has a little scar under his chin from an outdoor barrel incident some years ago. It was a run-up-and-leap-into-the-barrel game, and he didn't even realise he was bleeding he was having so much fun.
Unknown said…
Run and leap into the barrel? At least they didn't do it off the porch. I hope.