Things in Our Pockets

I've been doing laundry all weekend... The sun shone for long enough to dry sheets and towels outdoors, and they smell like the tree that's flowering nearby. Everything else is drying on racks inside while the hail and rain crashes down. What's up with this weird weather? Will spring ever come?

In laundry pockets:

Two army men
A chocolate wrapper
Two paperclips
A sharpener
A felt pen that's had its nib bashed in
One Trinidad Dollar
Chas' missing keys
A memory stick
Several napkins
A nut (the edible kind)
Some matches
Interesting rocks
A hair tie

Spring always brings interesting pocket finds, doesn't it?


Anonymous said…
Ah, you found missing keys!
I've found candy wrappers, rocks, lego pieces and a pencil.
Nan Sheppard said…
Little boys love rocks... because they rock!
Unknown said…
I found keys too! Although I would not have minded if they had stayed lost. In handbag pockets today:

Keys to the office (misplaced two weeks ago).
5 wet wipes (from All Out Sports Bar).
Stub of a lip liner to remember to buy exact shade.
Jade stone for inspiration.
Torn up bank deposit envelope.
Yogi Tea Tag which says: Grace brings contentment.

Have a good week Nan!
Unknown said…
So glad it was an "edible kind". And those Army guys - they're shooting Enfields, right?
Nan Sheppard said…
Good question Lou!