I've got a kitchen full of dancing prism rainbows!

It's a good day, the boys and I decided that even though it's sunny, it is okay to stay home and laze about and get stuff done, which means "Play videogames 'til our eyes are square" to Sam and Max. I will boot them out the door in a while, citing fresh air and vitamin D.

I had a seriously productive day yesterday, finally biting the bullet and emailing queries to magazines, which took most of the day. I've got my 'Articles in Print' tab all sorted out too, so lots of html was written and linky whatsits were linked. My least favourite thing about writing. But it's DONE! Of course, there's more to do, there always will be. But a big chunk is done.

Chas had a mystery fever yesterday: Couldn't sleep Thursday night and got into bed with me all hot and clammy, then tossed and turned. He slept most of the day yesterday, only getting up to eat oranges and honeydew melon and spaghetti. Today, he's fine. Probably one of those things the Old Wives were so wise about, like 'Growing Fever' or something. There is certainly lots of growing going on round here: Sam is catching up with Chas, and they are both NEARLY my height. it's weird, and even sad in a way. I was thinking the other day, looking at them, "I carried you in my belly. I cradled you and breastfed you, I kissed you and it was all better."

Sam picked me up the other day, dumped me on the sofa and tickled me to death. I was powerless.

I trimmed Max's fringe, so we can see him now. He's the coolest of the cool. This morning he and Sam were bickering, a contest of witty meanness that could only end one way. I said "You are seriously annoying me. Is this going to go on all weekend? If you don't start being pleasant and loving right now, there will be SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES! I MEAN IT!!" They said, "Like what?"

"I don't know, I will think of something DIRE."

And, they stopped. Just like that. Off they went to play together, nicely. Huh.

What we're reading: The Hunger Games Trilogy Boxed Set


Imagine the size of them! And Max looks cute! How are they liking the Hunger Games? Kahlil is seriously interested in reading them.
Nan Sheppard said…
They really enjoyed the Hunger Games books... and so did I! Max is nearly done book 3. The film was pretty good too, if Khalil sees it he can just read books 2 and 3, and not miss too much :)