Comic of the Day

Courtesy Sharon

I found this when I was tidying up my laptop... A cartoon that my friend Sharon Burford made for the Summer edition of the South Dorset NCT Newsletter when I was Editor there.

Breastfeeding may be convenient (most of the time), but when Sharon and I were discussing the cartoon, all of our most hilarious ideas poked fun at breastfeeding... Milk squirting across the room in the dead of night; a son asking if I could use a farmer neighbour's industrial pumping system to pump breastmilk; the older brother licking an ice cream cone and saying gleefully "Not for you, you can only have BOOBIES!" Another friend, Miira, was in the supermarket this week and her daughter asked to nurse. When told to wait a bit, she put her hand into Miira's top and announced loudly that it's okay, she'll just hold a nipple.

When I look at my boys now, it's difficult to even remember breastfeeding them. It seems like another life. I wish I'd taken photos of each of them at the breast, to remember those warm, snuggly moments. Where did the time go?


Unknown said…
I'm a big fan of breastfeeding - and not for the reason you're thinking, either.

My Mom breastfed me - my younger sister was bottle fed. She has always been rather sickly - and I have not.

'Nuff said.