Motherhood: Never do the Math

I just figured out that I have spent over one quarter of the nights and mornings of my entire life coaxing Sam to GO TO BED and GET OUT OF BED.

Moving right along...

I've been catching up this week! Our internet-free week left me with meeeelions of emails and Things To Do, so I've been doing them. I even figured out how to add a picture 'signature' (hint: copy and paste from flickr if you're on yahoo, or from picassa if you're on gmail) to my work email:

OMG the professionalness! I could easily spend the whole day playing and making the Design Of Awesome but I made myself stop as I truly have other things to do.

Actually, on my list of Things To Do is to take photos of the things one tends to find in a boy's pockets and make a sort of collage-ish pockets logo. Or I might outsource this to my fabulous Consultant Design Coordinator (That's you, Ailis!) (When you've quite finished sunning yourself on tropical beaches. Sheesh.)

Since I switched off Word Verification I've had a ton of comment spam. But blogger seems to know it's spam, mostly. So I'm going to try not to get all SERIOUSLY ANNOYED at the regular updates about 'Get your free rolex watch/pnis extension/handbag/ipad here' in my inbox. Regular readers will know that I have a tendency to overreact to spam :)

What's up with all you peeps? I know some of my American friends are starting their long, long Summer holidays. Excited? Freaking out? Others of us are in the middle of exams and longing for the sun to shine already because IT'S NEARLY JULY for heavens' sakes, come on Summer where are you??


Unknown said…
I, too, have switched off Word Verification, due to complaints from what few readers I have left about how difficult the WV is. And I, too, have been inundated with spam. At least Moderation allows me to delete that crap before it gets to a post.

And to all those spammers out there who seem to be so concerned about the size of my ... ahem ... thing that men are concerned about the size of, listen up.

God gave man a penis and a brain - and not enough blood to operate BOTH. So, obviously, you spammers are trying to kill me, because if it was any bigger ... I'm just sayin'.

p.s. - I thought you turned off WV?
Nan Sheppard said…
Ah, yes, I switched it off, then I switched it on, then I switched it off....
Anonymous said…
sounds like T&TEC

Thank you from a loyal reader for turning WV off! I guess you can't say Sam is just going through a phase but I had that same problem as a child- sleep like the dead and stay up at night. Drove my Mom crazy but I turned out okay- mostly! As an adult I worked the evening shift as a nurse and used my biorhythm to its full advantage. Hugs to Sam!