Posturing and Postulating: A Public Health Announcement

I've got a crick in my neck, from sitting on my Posterior. I'm usually really good about sitting properly when I'm writing, and propping up my laptop so it's ergonomic and all, but laptops are famous neck-crickers. So I'm fixing up the desktop computer so I can sit there instead. I've raised the screen to the proper height (with the cunning use of hardback books), and the keyboard is on a lower pull-out shelf. I could use a good ergonomic chair as well, but that will have to wait until I make my first million.

Good posture is really important, people! Not only will it keep your body working beautifully and avoid aches and pains; people with good posture appear taller, slimmer and more gorgeous. It's like, "Prop up your computer on a couple of novels and lose five pounds instantly!"

Ideally, you should be seated with your feet flat on the floor, on a comfortable chair. Your monitor should be arm's length away and at eye level, so you don't have to scrunch down to see what you are doing. Your wrists ought to be in line with your lower arms, not hiked up. If you use a laptop, you can plug an external keyboard in when you're working for long periods. Lower your shoulders and take not of any tension in your neck and upper back. Observe how you breathe. NOW you're ready for work! 

Take regular breaks to un-kink yourself. Walk! Walking is a really good way to fill your lungs, get fresh air, straighten your spine and exercise core muscles. You could stop for a Yoga Break too, and twist the life back into your limbs.

Feel better, live longer, and look cuter. Yay! You are welcome. Now, stop reading blogs and get back to work!


Unknown said…
Lol Very good advice Nan, all around.
I'm usually aware of my 'at the computer' habits, having learned all about ergonomics twelve years ago while working for an office furniture manufacturing company. Your advice is spot on.
It's also good to ensure that your ankle and knee angles are wider than 95 degree angles (but less than 110) to allow adequate blood flow.
Ok, I'm off to do some work now.
Nan Sheppard said…
Thanks Luna! That's true about the leg angles... Taking note!