Things in Pockets: Procrastination Edition

I have a long list of things which MUST BE ACHIEVED TODAY, and I have achieved many of them, really. And now I'm sitting down to write an article. It should be easy. 800 words. I have pages of notes here beside me, all relevant, researched and mind-boggling. So far, I have typed 12 words (Including the title), messaged Debs, had a sandwich, made coffee, squeezed a spot on my chin, facebooked, promised to Skype with Sharon as soon as she gets back from her walk... and that's not counting the stuff I did BEFORE sitting down to supposedly write 800 gripping and nobel-quality words, while I was meant to be answering emails and doing other things, an being rescued by kind colleagues who obviously had their coffee before I did.

Also, brainstorming because another Editor sent me a list of their themes for 2013. They do that! Isn't that cool?

I did laundry this morning, and hung it out in the sun, wearing my bikini, and lay on the trampoline for half an hour, because if there's one thing you know about the English Summer is that THIS MIGHT BE IT! I'm trying to gently get the stains out of my gran's lovely white tablecloth. What do you call it again, where it's all fabric circles attached with tatting-y stitches? While doing laundry I found interesting things in pockets, namely:

  • Three small pinecones. They are perfectly lovely. I don't know who picked them up because they were knocking about in the machine. 
  • 3,736 Airsoft Pellets. If you vacuum them up, they make a helluva racket spinning round in the thingy. 
  • £1.15

And that's all folks.

Okay, NOW I'm going to finish that draft.