Photo Credits

Chas has just invoiced me a whole lotta money for using photos he has taken over the past few years. He's a great photographer and spends lots of time setting up his shots and researching techniques, so he's earned the money. And Sam is supposed to be watermarking all of my pictures on this site, for which I am going to pay him WHEN HE HAS FINISHED THEM ALL. They are great, these boys, they are my cheering squad and critics. They know about my next big project and they are as excited as I am and want to help.

This photo, which any fan will recognize, was almost certainly taken by my dear friend Sally-Ann on the beach when Max was two. It has somehow accidentally become my logo for this site and even appears on my invoices now. It is great low-res, colour, black and white or tiny. I love it extra much because, though you can't really tell from the image, Max's face is completely covered with mushed cookie, drool and boogers to which have been glued A LOT of sand. And yet, I still kissed that face. I am glad I did, too. I keep thinking "I'm an artist, I should really make a great 'Pockets' logo..." but I can't get past that sandy-booger-cookie kiss, which no-one else would even 'get'. So it stays!

Only a mother could kiss that face --->

And my next project? I'll let you know if I don't give up, throw it all in the sea and run screaming down the road. I am hard at work on it, in between temping, freelancing, holidaying, partying, barbecuing, beaching, and screaming "GO TRINI GO!!!!" at the TV. We went to Weymouth yesterday for some Olympic Sailing Action and it was GREAT! I've had a few days off and it has been lovely.

The days are full, and I feel like I have so much good stuff going on.

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Sally-Ann said…
I think it is the perfect logo!
I would just like to set the record straight... Ahemm! (clears throat for dramitic effect)... It was I who took that photo on Maracas Bay! I remember the day well. Max had just eaten a sand encrusted shark and bake with plenty ketchup and mustard. When he had finished I looked at his face and dared you to kiss it! I took the photo for proterity. And so I think I should be recieveing the royaltites for everytime you use it! And on that note my invoice is in the post... Heheee
Now that you've mentioned it, I can see the sundry stuff around his mouth- his too cute mouth, that, of course, his mother could kiss, and should!
Nan Sheppard said…
And then there's Lauren, Sally's friend, who was also there and had a camera and sent me lots of great photos :) I honestly don't know who took that shot, anyone else have a copy? :)