Playing With Fire

I don't get to blog about my kids much any more. Now that the teenagers are old enough to have blogs of their own, we try not to embarrass one another on the internet too much. Max could still be good blog fodder, but he's almost sure to grow up to be a lawyer so I'm watching my back here. I was totally planning on writing a Max-centric post today, but he noticed me uploading this photo and demanded payment for being my model.

Max, drilling and singing loudly to himself
"Are you nuts? You didn't even know I was taking a picture. I can get any nitwit to pose for free!" I scoffed.

"HAH, but I'm not lending them my Dremel Drill!"

So we haggled. I pay Chasbo and Sam if I use any photo taken by them. I offered to pay Max about a tiny speck of that amount, and he argued me up to £2. He's an arguing fiend. Don't even bother to argue with Max unless you've had years of practice.

So the whole point of this post, before Max completely sidetracked me, was that this morning, he was flipping pancakes and burned his hand on the frying pan. It went 'TSSSSssssss'. So Max leaped to the sink and ran water over the white, puckered bit of finger. And then we had breakfast because, HELPFUL TIP: Always eat before you go to A&E, unless you might die or need surgery or something. So, breakfast and a panadol, with hand in cup of icy water. And, we never made it to A&E because we stopped at the pharmacy on the way, showed it to them and they said, "Meh, that's not so bad, and there's nothing much they can do." I thought maybe some sort of cream or spray to reduce the pain, which was ENORMOUS and DRAMATIC, but they said it would be best to just go home and keep it cool and stuff. So we avoided A&E! Yay!

Max went back to playing with boiling hot cooking implements, knives, drills and other dangerous items. His hand is feeling much better tonight.

The excellent point which I was planning on making here is this: You gotta let your kids (Aside: Max has just come to argue with me about whether he can play PS3 while we wait for the Men's 100M finals. I said NO, go keep an eye on the TV and let us know if anything exciting happens. So he's arguing) (Oh and he's read over my shoulder and says "I never agreed to £2". "Oh but I HAD" says I. "I was not finished discussing that!" He is never finished discussing.)

Where was I? Right. You have to let your kids, even the extremely annoying youngest ones, the third children of the world, play with dangerous things sometimes. You have to let them grate their fingers into the cheese, flip hot pancakes on to the floor, drill right through into your cutting board, learn to cut with a knife. Why? I can't remember. There was a wonderful reason, earlier on. But people keep interrupting me, Sam is reading out a recipe which calls for 2 pounds of Velveeta Cheese (Can we get this here?) and OMG our Trini, Richard Thompson is into the FINALS! Which is in like 20 minutes. And tomorrow we're going to Weymouth for the Sailing finals. OLYMPIC FEVER has us GRIPPED! Plus, I am clearly going senile.

But it's all good, cuz Sam is making cheezy nachos to snack on while we watch the Olympics. Velveeta not included. I am interfering and he says "Dude. I know what I am doing here." True, he knows what to do with cheese.

So I leave you with: Summer Holiday A&E Tally: STILL 0! Woot!


trash said…
Hope you have had great day down at the sailing. Last night's final was fabulous, non?
I thought third children did things like climb trees with their dolly, skid off their bicycle into the gravel and get stuck climbing on the burglar proofing because their mothers had let their guard down and the child just went ahead with their new found independence!

Oh and EVEN if you have years of arguing and are a third child yourself then it is not advisable to argue with Max! He will argue until the cows come home and then argue with them! Or at them.....

And FYI your not supposed to put cream on bruns anymore. Your just suppose to run cold water on it until the burning stops. As it is the liquid in your skin boiling. The more cold water you put onto it the less it will blister i think is the idea.
Good advice for children of all positions within the family. Actually good advice for grown up children as well. It is after all his/her life that he/she must grow into. It doesn't get easier BTW!
Nan Sheppard said…
You mean, "Fall out of trees onto their head and break their arm while their big sister was meant to be keeping an eye on them", don't you! Poor third children, Max is lucky to have an aunty who understands :)

Max's burn healed up really well, we ran cold water on it for ages, and the pharmacist said the same thing so you are right.

We are loving the Olympics, we have many nations to cheer for!