No, the leaves aren't turning quite yet, but the wind is blustering outside as a reminder that the days are getting shorter, school starts soon, and we'd better seize the sunny days whenever we get them.

I've had a great weekend, I was all alone at home for much of it! I lounged on the sofa when it rained, read books, went out dancing and walked on the beach when the sun shone. I also gave the boys' room a really good clean and sorted out back-to-school stuff. I made carrot cake with friends: forty cupcakes and two loaf pans in a carrot cake production line. Today is a bank holiday and it's back to work tomorrow.

All this because I have SO MUCH TO DO, freelance-wize, with a new website that's languishing and queries (oh those queries!!!) to send. It would have been good to do some of it while I had peace and quiet at home. But once my temp contract is up, in a couple of weeks, and the boys are back at school, and the weather isn't sunny... THEN I'll do it!

"My evil genius Procrastination has whispered me to tarry 'til a more convenient season." -Mary Todd Lincoln


Your second paragraph sounds like time well spent!