Tuesdays Are Dreadful

Not really... HELLO WORLD! I have been having fun at my latest Temp job, where it's like being the butterfly who started the hurricane. There's a merger, a contractor, walkouts, walkins, absences, dramas, chaos, maps, crashes and telephones. My coworker and I have moments when we actually cringe when the phone rings. We look at each other and the one who has least recently had a major crisis says "I'll get it."

Yesterday we shared a chocolate bar in that kind of extreme togetherness you get when a plane crashes in the Himalayas and you have to eat all of your fellow passengers. When a Supreme Director in Charge of Suits came by to say "Holy Crap, Are You Guys Okay???" I was all "Who the hell is this suit cluttering up the place?" but as my awesome co-worker was behind a glass wall nearby in a high-powered meeting with an errant contractor, I summoned up the presence of mind to wave my hand in her direction and say "Don't worry about a thing, we have it all under control here." Then I calmly dealt with a sudden crisis, surrounded by land registry maps and neat heaps of general brilliance and computer wizardry, while answering his detailed questions with learned poise. He went away reassured. Afterwards I did say, "Who the hell was the suit?" And fabulous coworker nearly had a heart attack... "OMG WHAT DID YOU TELL HIM?!?!" She clearly has not known me long enough.

Swans, Kew Gardens
Meanwhile, my Monday morning freelance wisdom on Work Your Way is sagacious and sensible. Unlike this blog. I mentioned to Mary, the fabulous genius behind "Work Your Way", that freelancers are like swans: The world sees us gliding gracefully along, and they are unaware that underneath, we're paddling like heck to stay afloat.

I am reading The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery on my short train journey to work and back, and it is just lovely. Go read this book! Thanks for this one Mum! I've been taking the train because it costs twice as much to park, and also because the walk to the station and the quiet moment on the train is a much-needed thing.

Other recent really good reads:The Children's Book,
Snuff: A Novel of Discworld (Discworld Novels),
Good Night, Mr. Tom

Good Night everyone!


Unknown said…
A hug for your Tuesday. Hope Wednesday was much better.