Productive Monday

Morning Peeps! Check out my usual Monday morning post at Work Your Way, and don't you just love Chas' accompanying photo? His original shot featured Darth Vader, and I said "No, I'm sorry, Darth Vader is not the look I'm aiming for here" and he said "THAT'S NOT DARTH VADER! It's a policewoman! Geeze!" but I stuck to my guns.

Feeling slightly Supermom today, after a lovely weekend of catching up and pottering at home. The week at work started with a bang and it looks like it will continue to be a bit fast-paced. So I'm going to sign off right now, do some yoga and go straight to bed so I'm not completely frazzled by Wednesday. I'm SO BORING! Good grief!


Anonymous said…
LOVE the photo! Definitely, Darth was not the look you were going for ;)

Nan Sheppard said…
Chas is such a good photographer :)
Anonymous said…
Great image. Glad you had a nice weekend to get your mojo back:)