Song of the Busy Mama

PEEPS! I know, I have been making myself scarce around here lately. But I have been hard at work elsewhere: Handing out advice for making your mornings easier, and then MORE advice on making your evenings more delicious. Also, writing an article on Sibling Rivalry, due out in next month's Green Parent Magazine. I'm still temping, and I'm working very, very slowly on my NEW AMAZING WEBSITE, which you didn't know about because it was going to be a SECRET! But I give up. Due to be launched in September 2012! Which was last month. Sigh.

I am really excited about my NEW AMAZING WEBSITE because it's got great amazing content and stuff. I decided to build it all by myself, because I am nuts wanted to learn how. And it's pretty interesting. But very, very time consuming. And time is something I don't have a lot of these days.

It's a parenting website. And my first piece of parenting advice should be, "If you read your youngest a bedtime story (The latest Skulduggery Pleasant book. Terrifying. Zombies etc.) and then go into the kitchen and find a huge mess, there is no point yelling at your middle teenager, because he can't hear you, and he will yell back, and you can't hear him, and you both end up annoyed at each other, and your youngest will come stomping out of his room and yell 'Shut Up Everybody!' which is not conducive to slumberliness. And then your eldest will take out his iPod earphones and say 'What?' and everyone else will say 'NOTHING!' and stomp away. And then you'll have to spend another ten minutes giving your youngest son a snuggle, because he was just dozing and now he's wide awake and it's ALL YOUR FAULT. And all this, because your middle child cannot wrap up the cheese nicely. And really, you shouldn't have overreacted because he has been Mr Fabulous Middle Teenager lately, as he hastens to remind you. He's been fabulous, and all you do is yell at him, for something as dumb as cheese, which wasn't him anyway, it was someone else (who? Mr Invisible, apparently), and you just assumed it was him, worst mother in world, etc."

But that won't really be my first piece of advice, because it's a SENSIBLE parenting site with full stops and commas and proper spelling.

It's nearly the weekend! Hooray!


Anonymous said…
I can hardly wait to see the Big Reveal!
Cheese! Sass! Skulldrudgery!
Nan Sheppard said…
Skulduggery and Valkrye: The two best heroes EVER!