What's Up?

River Reflection in Old Basing Today. Pic Courtesy Sam
Hey Peeps! I haven't posted in a while, and I would love to say it's because nothing interesting has been happening.

If I blogged about everything that's been happening, I would be FAMOUS in the blogosphere, because yikes, it's been like a train wreck / vampire movie / soap opera. Seriously. Except the vampire DOES NOT get the girl.

In between emotional wrecks, I'm trying to maintain a boring, predictable, healthy home life for my boys and me. Mostly, it's okay.

I am single. Which MEANS, I am seriously clueless about being single in 2012. I need to practice my flirting skillz and brush up on things like Mobile Phone Rules for Single Peeps, which is new since sixteen-ish years ago when I was last single. Also, internet dating, which I looked into, because I know several very nice people who met lovely dates online, and yikes! The idea of virtual 'winking' at a photo of a total stranger freaked me out. I deleted my account, sorry all you internet singles, it's not for me. So there's all that.

But in fact, I'm not really looking. I am all about me at the moment, and my life is full with sane, steady friends and loving family who have gone above and beyond and shown the best qualities one could ever hope to find in human beings. Plus, I have been 'temping' at the same job since July and it's been so interesting. I've had a raise and other really good work-related things. Freelancing is going well too - I have another feature article in Green Parent Magazine's bumper 50th issue, due out in November. So I'm busy, happy and healthy, with a nice home, and the kids are fine. What more can I ask?

I know I've been quiet on the internet lately. That's pretty unusual for me, because generally I can't keep quiet about life at all, and have to go on about 'What We Are Doing Right This Minute'. I write whatever's in my head. Recently I haven't even been posting at my regular paid gig, because there is all this stuff I want to say, and I need to not say these things right now.

So my writing is a little stunted. Maybe now, the floodgates of creativity will reopen. Maybe not!

Meanwhile, Hurricane Sandy has pounded Cuba and several other islands to smithereens and is now pounding the USA as a weaker but still pretty dreadful post-tropical cyclone. Don't forget the Caribbean if you're donating and helping out, folks!

Namaste ॐ 


Lots up as it turns out! You're bound to experience some emotional ups and downs but your current approach to life seems healthy and perfect for now. Much love and many blessings to you!
Anonymous said…
I think you're in a season of healing and there's nothing wrong with being still right now.
Enjoy the goodness.
Anonymous said…
Blogs ebb and flow, but sounds like you're focusing on what's more important! Hang in there!
Nan Sheppard said…
Thanks, Peeps! Healing is definitely what's going on in this house :)