We'll weather the weather, whatever the weather, whether we like it or not!

Greenwich Park, London last weekend. Phone pic!
I'm making my peace with English Weather, apparently. I find myself in awe of the beauty of autumn leaves, the crispness of blue-sky days. Loving the fact that it gets dark early so that the Christmas lights that are going up everywhere can twinkle for longer. In the old days, I used to dread the onset of winter and the DARKNESS and gloom. Somehow this year it hasn't been an issue at all. Yet! I have taken the usual precautions of course, taking my vitamins and exercising and buying myself a BRIGHT PINK SWEATER and so on. We'll see how it goes.

Last night we went out to hear a band, the Groove Brothers: A guy on sax and a guy singing. They are so good, they do all the old Motown and George Benson hits... And they draw a great crowd who just dance like mad all night. I love these guys! It's nice to be packed into a pub rocking the house while freezing drizzle falls outside.

This afternoon two of my friends kidnapped me and took me downtown to 'help' one of them collect a pair of boots. (Nah, I have to vacuum the floor, I said... They rolled their eyes and intervened.) The town was busy with stalls, smells, Christmas music and lights. I was like a kid, grinning and eating junk and singing along with buskers. Christmas is in the air peeps!

I bought bird seed today, and will resume feeding the posse of blue jays who sat on the electricity line and glared at me all last winter.

How's the weather treating you? What preparations are you making? What's your favourite season?


Ndinombethe said…
Ahh Fall! The crisp blue days are brilliant! Wish there were more of them. Glad all's well. Sounds like a great weekend.
Candygirlflies said…
Oh, to have a friend who "intervenes" the way yours do... Mine moved much too far away, several years ago!

Sadly, my house is no cleaner.

xoxoxo CGF
Anonymous said…
I'm buying birdseed today! Guess the birds at the feeder are one bright spot in this season. If we get snow I'll be much happier.
The days here grew rainy and foggy a couple of days ago. Makes me snuggle down with a good book and a cup of tea more. Bought my tickets for Trinidad, which will include two weeks in Tobago with the grands. Be still my heart! It's a first and will Give Kelly precious/needed/overdue time to herself and with Carl. Wise woman. I'm so excited to have K and K to ourselves- what a gift!
Jenny Woolf said…
November still has the remains of bright leaves. And Christmas coming. Jan and Feb are the dead months, but March is wonderful because SPring is on the way!