WHERE Did I Put My Glasses? And Other Questions.

Hello! I am near the end of a week's vacation, and it's been good. The boys and I saw some cousins and friends, and hung out in London. The boys have seen their dad and had fun, and I have been catching up on all of the little jobs I've put on hold for months, like sorting through that heap of paper in the kitchen, and wiping the walls and windows in the boys' room. Finding long lost things under beds and behind bookcases. In between, tea and laughing with friends and also discovering a great pair of boots on SALE. I even did diabolical tax-related paperwork.

Now I feel like writing, and my glasses are not right here on my bedside table. Drat. I think this will be a very short post.

I leave you with a question: If you are vacuuming under things and you hear that unmistakeable sound of Lego being sucked into oblivion, do you open up the vacuum and rescue it? I used to. But seeing as we have 27,643 TONS of Lego, are they really going to miss two pieces? Unless, OMG, it's Darth Maul's light saber, or something equally vital. It's bound to be.

Do I really have to continue braving the dust and possible spiders, for the sake of Lego? Why is this not in parenting handbooks?


Ah, it has been neglected by the parenting handbooks, but I'm with you, two pieces will not be missed in the midst of so many. And if it's a vital lightsaber, it's up to them to safeguard it, not you!
Ahh... BUT it could be the special bendy 2 x 1 blue transparent that is the intergral piece for an ATAT!

...But then if there are possible spiders then they will just have to do some very creative thinking to work around the missing piece!

Very tricky!

They could be taught to put the lego on a sheet and then the lego won't go missing... and it is easier to tidy too!! That's what Mum taught us to do!