5,476 Bedtime Stories

The Week of the Untamed Tummies is almost over (Please please, let it be over!) and my only advice to you is NOT to use your super powerful dyson vacuum cleaner (with bagless cylinder technology!) to suck up the cornstarch/baking soda/puke mixture from the carpet until it has DRIED PROPERLY. You are welcome for that.

 We have been reading, to while away the moments. And I worked out that I've read over five thousand bedtime stories. It'll be way more than that, actually, because of the seven years or so when I was being begged for "One more... Just one more, mummy!"

 Short, three-minute tales, epic adventures of Greek Gods and Goddesses, poetry, chapter books, fairy tales, serious literature, educational stuff (in very small doses), hilarious tales, sad stories, books that were too old or too young for the listeners, fables and even stories with no words at all.

 I've read to my sons, their friends, cousins, classrooms, a foster child and the cat. I've loved every moment, even the times when I fell asleep in mid-sentence and a small boy prised my eyes open with his fingers and earnestly demanded to know what happened NEXT.

 This morning I read to Max from 'The Once and Future King', one of our all-time favourites. And then he fell asleep in my bed, tired out from a restless night. Hopefully he's dreaming of King Pellinore and Sir Grummore, jousting.

 Books: They entertain and comfort. What would we do without them?


I can't imagine what we would do without them. Really. Healing hugs to all. You're a great Mom.
Anonymous said…
Oh, poor family. Oh poor Dyson. But I have an image now of the grandfather reading to his grandson in The Princess Bride and it makes me smile.
Candygirlflies said…
Oh, so awesome...

Tell me, are you able to get your mitts on some Dennis Lee poetry over there? He's a Canadian poet, and one of our very most favourites to read aloud.

He wrote the all-time classic, "Alligator Pie". I think you and the boys would just love it! I swear, you can't sit still when you read it out loud.

xo CGF

ps. Have loved "The Cherry Tree Carol" for ages... and haven't published a post about it, because I keep finding more and more fascinating information, every time I open my research! Joseph is NOT portrayed very kindly in most of the many versions, sadly... The original Grumpy Old Man!! I'll see what I can do before Christmas... Thanks for listening!
Nan Sheppard said…
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Nan Sheppard said…
Oh, we know 'Alligator Pie'!