Christmas Gets Real

Cunningly cropped to erase top-of-fridge clutter
I love getting photos and cards of families at Christmas time. They are usually so GORGEOUS, happy, smiling, hugging, nicely dressed with shoes and all. I even heard about one family who booked a room at a gorgeous historic home once a year, decorated it all Christmassy WITH wrapped boxes to look like presents, and had photos taken of themselves there to send to all and sundry. I'm not sure if this is sheer brilliance or not. I will stick with the "Throw everything in the laundry basket and stuff it in a cupboard" style of Christmas pre-guest tidying, and crop out the messy bits when I'm sending photos. If you ever get photos from me which are lopsided, and you think, "Why have you got all of that son but only the side of the other one's face in this photo?" It's almost certainly because there was a crisp packet and a dirty sock in front of the other one. So now you know.


Candygirlflies said…
Oh, my God... the CATERPILLAR... Too, too awesome for words.

Yours is MY KIND OF CHRISTMAS CARD, dear. People who send me the perfectly posed models and fake-ly clean backgrounds are not to be trusted.

Happy New Year!!! xoxo CGF
I have to pay my grandson to look decent in the family photo! $5.00 this year but it's worth it. I'm NOT showing him the catepillar!
Nan Sheppard said…
Haha, Mary, I will email it to him! :)

Heather, I have actually not sent any Christmas cards for the past two years, perfectly posed or otherwise. I hang my head in shame, because I actually truly LOVE sending AND receiving them (whether perfectly posed or not!) I love to see how everyone's kids have grown, I love the designs on traditional cards, I love the handmade ones... I WILL DEFINITELY send cards next year!
You could have at least pulled Kate's dress down!! Now she is imortaliased forever... and will now have to seek expensive therapy in order to over come her ordeal!! He hee!!