New Year Tales from a Demon Cat

Maggie is a tidy cat. I lined up some Christmas decorations on a ledge at the top of the stairs, not realising that it's Maggie's ledge. It's the one she lurks near to, so that when someone opens the door downstairs she can catapult herself down the stairs in a mad bid for freedom. Every time someone opens the door, everyone else yells "CAT! WATCH THE CAT!"

It's a perfect spot for decorations. Or it used to be. Now, Maggie thwacks Santa, Rudolph and the Snowman down the stairs, tumbling down after them to savage them to death. So I pick up and neatly replace them. She watches from under a chair, tail thrashing. The moment my back is turned, it's DEATH TO SANTA again.

"Maggie! Santa is not going to bring you any presents if you keep that up!"

She gives me the all-knowing cat look. She will not tolerate a cluttered ledge, Santa or no Santa.

Santa didn't bring her a single thing.

Happy 2013, all you peeps! The boys and I, and Maggie, are having a quiet night at home. Chas is playing a PS3 game called Journey, and we are watching him and chatting. It's a fascinating game. Maggie is transfixed by the screen, a silhouette of a kitten. 2012 has been a pretty rough year, but I'm feeling so positive about the coming year. I wish you everything good! My friend Sharon sent me this and it just about sums it up: