Notes From My Sick Bed

I'm sick enough (stomach flu) to still be flat in bed, but well enough to be booooored that I can't get up and do stuff. And there is SO MUCH STUFF TO DO! And, it's a bad week to be off work, because there are cool things going on that I wanted to be there for. Drat and double drat.

Chas is sick too. I'm sure the whole family will get it.

BUT! I have company!
We have a kitten. Or she has us... The boys are completely smitten. She is completely purrrfect of course. It's been three years since we were owned by a cat. Why did we wait so long?

And what is it about cats, you can be lying in bed going "Puuusss, come and snuggle! Come and play!" And they totally ignore you and attack a sock, but the minute you say "Fine then, I will open up my laptop and connect with the world..." they are all "Oooooh, eeeeenteresting!" and then they attack the screen and step on your keys.

Her name is Maggie. Prepare for a million cat-related posts.


Oh, poor you! Feel better soon and your lads as well. Enjoy the new family member!
Candygirlflies said…
Yay for cats!!! Amongst many other things, they make excellent foot warmers on days such as these.

So sorry you have the barfies at your house... Ugh, I do feel for you and yours. For the one BEING sick, it is dreadful, to be sure. The feeling of impending doom for those who have YET to become sick is pretty nasty, too.

Warm fuzzies to you all! Xo CGF