Just Write Something, Already...

I have to write, to get back into that groove. Even though I can't think of anything witty to say today. I'm looking at the grey sky and thinking, "Will it snow?"

Maggie is curled up on my lap, purring loudly. She has had an entertaining morning of 'helping' me hang laundry on racks indoors. She viciously savaged her arch-nemesis PaperTowelRoll to death. She met the landlord's agent, who came to look at the carpets. She shot out of the door when two friends popped in for coffee. But they had cookies so she shot back in again. She's ready to settle down now and get some writing done, my little muse.

But the words are not flowing today. I am out of my old routine and it'll take a while to get back into it. Plus, I am in a different place now, compared with this time last year. I've had a year of great decision and empowerment, of not being a doormat, of learning my limits and saying 'No' and meaning it. Of doing what is best for me and seeing good results in my boys. It's been hard, and stressful, and wonderful and happy. I am still coming to terms with just how much kinder and easier my life is and wondering why I was so afraid of change.

"Fear is the mind killer..." - Frank Herbert

Sigh. I need to pee, but don't want to disturb the cat...

I think the rest of my freelancing day will be taken up with sorting emails, making sure my self-employed taxes are up to date (I'm pretty sure they are, as I took care of that last summer... If you're in the UK, get it done by January 31st!), and renewing my car insurance.

Then, I'll make notes for an article that's due in a couple of weeks. More exciting blog posts may or may not follow!


Anonymous said…
Love that you are content to be still and enjoy how far you've come today!